2012 International UFO Congress Box Set (International Customers)

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2012 International UFO Congress Box Set (DVDs)


Chuck Zukowski
Cattle Mutilations: New Discoveries

Clifford Clift
First Time Revealed UFO Files from MUFON’s Archives

Yvonne Smith
Recollections of Alien Abduction Through Hypnotherapy: solo, Duo, and Multiple Abductions 

Antonio Huneeus
The Best UFO Cases: From Ancient Times to 2012

Lee Speigel
UFOs: The Media Credibility Factor – Who Do You Believe?

Peter Robbins
Budd Hopkins: A Personal Appreciation

David Sereda
Breakthrough Faster than Light Communication with ET 

Roberto Pinotti
Italy, Ufology’s Birthplace 

Dr. Lynne Kitei
Beyond the Phoenix Lights – Coincidence or Connection?

Travis Walton w/ John Goulette & Steve Pierce
Fire in the Sky Revisited

Panel: Uncovering the Truth Behind 2012
Featuring David Sereda, Jaime Maussan, Colin Andrews, and more!

Rosemary Ellen Guiley
ETs, Shadow People and Djinn

Bryce Zabel
Life After Contact 

Randall Nickerson
Researching the Ariel School Incident

Stan & Lisa RomanekExtraterrestrial Contact Continues

PANEL: Who are the Aliens? Expert Opinions
Featuring Whitley Strieber, Anne Strieber, Yvonne Smith, Peter Robbins and Steven Greer 

Ben Hansen
Fact or Faked: Interplay of media, technology, Hollywood, and validating evidence of ET contact 

Whitley Strieber
Solving the Communion Enigma 

General (Ret.) Ricardo Bermudez
Chile’s Official UFO Agency

Dr. Steven Greer
Contact: Countdown to Transformation

Colin Andrews
Crop Circles: Mirror Image of World Events and Human Behavior, With One Difference! 

anel: UFOs & Mass Media
Featuring Bryce Zabel, Ben Hansen, Lee Speigel, and more!

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