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The complete 2017 International UFO Congress DVD set - 23 DVDs

Set features these DVDs:

  • BEN HANSEN - Host, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files - Lecture: Analysis of Recent Presidential UFO Comments
  • YVONNE SMITH, C.HT. - Certified Hypnotherapist, Abduction Researcher - Lecture: Changes Coming: Urgency & Abductees’ Civil Rights
  • STANTON FRIEDMAN - Nuclear Physicist, UFO Researcher and Author - Lecture: Astronomy Versus Ufology
  • KATHLEEN MARDEN - UFO Researcher and Author - Lecture: Perplexing Phenomena Related to Contact
  • DR. BOB DAVIS - Neuroscientist and Former Professor - A Study on Individuals who Report UFO Related Contact Experiences with a Non-Human Intelligent Being
  • ERICA LUKES - UFO Researcher -  The Utah UFO Enigma
  • RYAN SPRAGUE - UFO Researcher, Podcaster and Author - Lecture: UFOs v.s. UFOlogy: The Convergence of Experience & Study
  • TRAVIS WALTON – Fire in the Sky: The World Reaction Then and Now
  • GREG BISHOP - UFO Researcher, Author and Podcaster - Lecture: The Co-Creation Hypothesis – A Fresh Approach to UFO Research
  • PAUL STONEHILL - UFO Researcher and Author - Lecture: UFOs of Russia/USSR and Eurasia
  • NOE TORRES - UFO Researcher and Author - Lecture: Real Cowboys & Aliens: UFOs in the Old West
  • RICHARD DOLAN - UFO Researcher and Author - Lecture: Media Bias in UFO Coverage: Culture, Policy, or Something Else?
  • DAVID MARLER - UFO Researcher and Author - Lecture: The Battle of L.A. – UFO in February 1942 – The 75th Anniversary
  • DR. JOHN ALEXANDER - Army Colonel, Ret., Non-Lethal Weapons Expert, UFO Researcher and Author - Lecture: UFO Encounters: More Complex than We Imagine
  • ALEJANDRO ROJAS - UFO Journalist and Podcast Host - Lecture: ETs and Religion: How belief in extraterrestrial life has influenced religions and inspired new ones
  • TED ROE - Executive Director and Co-Founder of NARCAP.org - Lecture: NARCAP, UAP and the Future of UAP Research
  • CHARLES HALT - USAF Colonel, Ret., Author - Lecture: Bentwaters Revisted
  • ERLING STRAND - Asst Professor, Østfold University College, Norway - Lecture: The Hessdalen Phenomena and Project Hessdalen – What has been achieved?
  • KEN JOHNSTON - Retired Aerospace Engineer and Astronaut Trainer - Lecture: Exclusive NASA Photos of Alien Bases on the Moon
  • JAMES FOX - Documentary Filmmaker - Lecture: The Phoenix Lights 20 Years Later: Meet the Witnesses and Hear New Information
  • Special 20th Anniversary Phoenix Lights Event – Panel: The Importance of The Pheonix Lights Mass-UFO Sighting – Panelists: James Fox (Moderator), Dr. Lynne Kitei, Richard Dolan,  and Jim Mann of Phoenix MUFON
  • Panel: Government and UFOs – Panelists: Col. John Alexander, Col. Charles Halt, Ted Roe and Stanton Friedman with participation from other 2017 UFO Congress presenters
  • Discussion: The Future of Abduction Research – Panelists: Yvonne Smith, CHT (Moderator) and Kathleen Marden

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  • 5
    2017 UFO congress DVDs

    Posted by Richard Harper on Aug 19th 2017

    Since I wasn't able to attend the Congress, watching the DVDs was almost as good as being there. I highly recommend these DVDs and their content.