Aaron Sagers presents Celebrity UFO Encounters: True Stories of Famous Names and Their Famous Stories

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Aaron Sagers' 2014 International UFO Congress presentation:

Celebrity UFO Encounters: True Stories of Famous Names and Their Famous Sightings

Instead of dwelling in the territory of rumor, speculation and tabloid fodder, Travel Channel host, journalist, and author Aaron Sagers delves into the documented stories of UFO sightings by famous actors, rock stars, politicians, and more, including Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Victoria Beckham. Instead of relying on third-person accounts, Sagers utilizes his own interviews and direct sourcing to recount stories as told by the celebrities. Along the way, he also discounts other well-known sighting stories.

Aaron Sagers is a TV personality, journalist, and entertainment pundit who has covered everything from zombies, ghosts, and aliens to geek culture for CNN, MTV and on his Travel Channel show Paranormal Paparazzi, where he serves as host and co-executive producer. He has traveled the country talking about pop culture at numerous fan conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic-Con, Wizard World, Dragon Con and more. Sagers is also the founder of Paranormal Pop Culture (www.ParanormalPopCulture.com), an entertainment news site that explores horror, supernatural, and allelements of the paranormal. He has appeared as an expert on the BBC, Huffington Post Live, CNN, Sirius/XM, Playboy, and Coast to Coast. Sagers is the author of Paranormal Pop Culture: Rambling and Shambling Through the Entertainment of the Unexplained, and is a part-time professor of Journalism at NYU.

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