Charlie Foltz and Jim Weiner present The Allagash Abductions

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Charlie Foltz and Jim Weiner's 2015 International UFO Congress presentation

The Allagash Abductions

Jim and Charlie will present The Allagash Abduction case, describing their 1976 UFO experience on the Allagash Waterway; the subsequent investigation and findings of veteran UFologist, Raymond E. Fowler; and post-Allagash abduction events in Vermont and Boston.  They will also talk about and showcase the radical changes in their thought processes, and their artwork following the Allagash encounter.  Finally, they will conclude with an overview of how they have been able to accommodate their abduction experiences into their personal lives through their art, self-exploration, and, especially, through support groups like the ones founded by Budd Hopkins, John Mack, and Anne Cuvelier.

DVD - 75 minutes

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