Cheryl Costa presents 200 of UFOs over New York

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Cheryl Costa's 2015 International UFO Congress presentation

200 Years of UFOs over New York State

New York State has had a unique history of UFO sightings, in fact it accounts for about 4% of the world wide sightings. Some sightings have been reported in word-of-mouth folk tales, some as sworn statements before county clerks in colonial NY. Some have been reported in 19th century newspaper accounts. One was even shared with a priest and annotated in the margins of a baptismal register. In more modern times, the reports of UFOs and strange aerial phenomena come to us in national reporting data bases. The reports range from as recent as last night, to a long overdue recounting of an incredible night long ago and some even come to us transcribed as deathbed accounts. Journalist and Playwright, Cheryl Costa will share with you some of the amazing accounts and stories of UFOs that she’s reported in her popular weekly newspaper column “NEW YORK SKIES.”  

DVD - 75 minutes

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