Christopher O'Brien presents The Cattle Mutilation Mystery

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Christopher O'Brien's 2015 International UFO Congress presentation:

Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery

Since 1605, tens of thousands of cattle and other warm-blooded animals have been documented as being mutilated in pastures and on farms around the world. These animals are discovered in a horrific condition, missing various soft-tissue organs, and no clues are present at the crime-scene to aid investigators. Who or what is behind these unexplained animal deaths? Christopher O’Brien, takes you inside one of the most perplexing serial crime sprees of all time. Working with veterinarian pathologists, biologists and law enforcement investigators, O’Brien has slowly unraveled this enduring mystery, and, as you will see, no single answer can explain all of these horrific deaths. He exposes startling new evidence linking many of these animal deaths to a covert environmental monitoring process perpetrated by a shadowy group with access to high technology. He also looks at the important role of cattle in human cultural and religious development. And, he suggests that the environmental and health impacts of modern cattle raising could be catastrophic to the health and well being of humanity.

DVD - 75 minutes

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