Derrel Sims presents Profiling the Alien: His History and Our Evidence Tells the Story

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Derrel Sims' 2015 International UFO Congress presentation:

Profiling the Alien: His History and Our Evidence Tells the Story

In this dynamic lecture, Sims shares his multi-modality approach to tracking the alien predator, from his investigative focus on physical evidence to transformative therapeutic intervention on behalf of alien experiencers. As the original expert on alien implants, fluorescence, procaine allergies, and other abduction characteristics, Derrel will report on the latest developments with these phenomena, as well as what other discoveries his research is uncovering. He’ll also update you on his most provocative ongoing cases, which include recent examples that support his 1992 discovery of alien fluorescence (a kind of indelible alien “fingerprint”), anomalous handprints, medical complications following alien contact, possible alien implants in situ and alleged alien biological residue. With his current focus on alien DNA, his predictions of what we might find once the genetic testing is completed and the results are in. Finally, Derrel explores the alien’s own cover-up throughout history. What does the past and mythology reveal about the alien presence?

DVD - 75 minutes