James Clarkson presents Finding June Crain

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James Clarkson's 2015 International UFO Congress presentation

Finding June Crain

In 1993 while giving a presentation at the Ocean Shores, WA, library, UFO Investigator James E. Clarkson met a woman who claimed to know that what he said was true. UFO’s are real and the Government knows all about it. When asked how she knew, she replied, “Because I worked there.” She wouldn't say more out of fear of arrest.

Four years later, in 1997, after watching CNN’s national coverage of the Air Force announcement, Roswell – Case Closed,” the woman, who now had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, called him back. Now she was ready to talk. She decided to break her national security oath. Her name was June Crain.
June Crain worked at Wright Patterson Air Force Base from 1943-1953, a pivotal period in the formulation of the official policy of UFO Denial and Cover Up. She was a secretary with a Q-level clearance in a top secret government laboratory. By the time she left, June had heard of at least 3 UFO Crash Retrievals and had handled a piece of the “memory metal.” She saved a photograph of a wedding she attended. The groom was a Master Sergeant and was part of the crew that flew wreckage and non-human bodies back to Wright Patterson.

In his presentation, Clarkson will tell June’s amazing story. He will describe the details of June’s revelations about what happened after Roswell. He will demonstrate how her statements parallel the early history of the US Space Program.
As a retired police sergeant with over 30 years’ experience in the field of investigations, as the Washington State Director of MUFON, James brings the perspective of standing in both worlds – conducting systematic investigations and exploring the world of High Strangeness encounters. He has presented throughout Washington, across the country, and in Paris, on radio and television.

DVD - 75 minutes

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