James Gilliland - Annunaki Return: End of the Draconian Archon Network

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James Gilliland's 2015 International UFO Congress

Annunaki Return: End of the Draconian/Archon Network

Much of the talk in the ET community has been focused on the Dark Days. James brings a balanced message of hope and discernment concerning the Higher Dimensional Benevolent Forces and the end of the malevolent forces which have been plaguing mankind for eons. He explains the mechanics of this process, who is involved, and how their actions are going to affect spiritual, social, economic and physical change. This includes the return of the benevolent Annunaki and the assistance of Higher Dimensional benevolent beings, Ascended Masters and spiritually and technologically advanced ET’s. The message is important: we’re evolving beyond the dark, foreboding messages and interactions of the past and moving into the Age of Enlightenment, reclaiming our rights as Divine Beings under Universal Law which is pressing hard upon the earth, collapsing the Draconian/Archon grid.

DVD - 75 minutes


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