Levitating UFO Bluetooth Speaker Lamp - Gray

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This stylish lamp features a levitating UFO that also works as a Bluetooth speaker. The International UFO Congress has scoured the Earth and elsewhere to find anti-gravity technology. We have now found that technology and are sharing it with you in a form that rocks! Literally. The UFO itself is the speaker. It charges as it hovers over LED lamps that change color. The platform the UFO hovers above also has white LED lights underneath that shine down on the stylish modern lamp base.

A touch button on the platform allows you to turn the speaker on or off. Blue lights on the UFO blink while it is on. One light on the UFO's underside stays on indicating whether the speaker is charged. A USB charging cable for the UFO is also included.

A touch button on the base of the lamp allows you to switch light modes. The base lights can be turned off, so only the multi-colored lights illuminating the UFO are on. The light changing UFO lamps can also be turned off, so only the bright white LEDs illuminating the lamp base are on. The third mode allows for all lights to be turned off. However, the UFO will still hover over the lamp as long as the lamp is plugged in.

This lamp is beautiful and fun! People will stare at the lamp endlessly trying to figure out how it works. Watching the UFO spinning endlessly as the lights change is mesmerizing.

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    UFO Lamp/Bluetooth speaker

    Posted by Greg on Aug 8th 2019

    This is a great desk lamp. The colors are great, and it is really eye catching. I almost gave it 4 stars, because the instructions are rather brief and not clear enough. The lamp base has 2 touch switches, one on the platform for the Bluetooth speaker, and one on the base for the lighting. The one at the base has 4 lighting modes: desk lamp (white, downward facing LEDs), upper, colored LEDs, both, and off. The upper switch toggles between the Bluetooth Speaker being on (not charging) and off (charges as it floats). To initially position the UFO after opening the box, the UFO/speaker must be charged with the included USB charging cord. When placing it, it can toggle between speaker on and speaker off, which makes the difference between the UFO floating or being pulled down to the platform. A button on the bottom of the UFO will also toggle the speaker on and off, and sometimes needs to be played with to turn the speaker off, so you can place it properly over the platform for it to float. When it is floating and charging, blue LEDs on the top of the UFO will periodically turn on without flashing. I think it means that there is a full charge. When the speaker is toggled on (which should be done using the button on the platform and not the one on the UFO), the blue lights will flash. If you forget to turn the speakers off, the UFO will eventually crash onto the platform after the battery inside loses it's charge, and then you will need to charge it with the included charger cord before being able to make it hover again. If the base/platform loses power, the UFO will crash onto the platform too. Once I learned how it worked, which was a bit frustrating at first, I really enjoyed it. Now, I can listen to Alejandro Rojas' "Open Minds" and Martin Willis' "Podcast UFO" podcasts on it every week. :-)

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    This thing is awesome

    Posted by JB on May 6th 2019

    Didn’t know what to expect, but the family is mesmerized by the hovering of the disc and constant rotation. The lights really give it a neat effect. It is a 10 even without the added bonus of it being a Bluetooth speaker. Really worth the money. A great conversation piece.

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    Levitating ufo lamp

    Posted by Paul krape on Jan 11th 2019

    This lamp is the bomb dot.com , no promblem at all setting it up . I can't take my eyes off it . It's mesmerising. Love it . Thank you ufo Congress.

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