Patty Greer presents Crop Circles & The Real Circlemakers

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Patty Greer's 2014 International UFO Congress presentation:

Crop Circles and the Real Circlemakers

Delve into the crop circle phenomenon with a film maker who has visited more than 100 crop circles personally. After having an out-of-body-experience in the center of an English crop circle in 2007, Patty Greer produced five full feature UFO documentaries. With no previous training or experience in film making whatsoever, she zoned in on the UK crop circles and the “balls of light” seen in and around them. Greer takes the study into a new realm of possibilities, sharing daunting footage and clips from her documentaries as potential evidence that (ET) balls of light may be involved in the creation of (many) crop circles!

Patty Greer had an out of body experience in an English crop circle in 2007. Climbing up the hillsides with her cameras late at night, she filmedthe “balls of light” in great detail. She journeyed into the epicenter of the crop circle phenomenon (Wiltshire England) and returned every summer for months at a time. Finding herself in the front line of crop circle research, she was in the right place at the right time to create highly informative films. Greer offers stunning cinematography and authentic crop circle images spanning the last 30 years. Her research has brought new awareness to this amazing phenomenon. 


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