Paul Stonehill presents UFOs of Russia and USSR

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Paul Stonehill presents UFOs of Russia and USSR - 2013 International UFO Congress DVD

This highly visual presentation will review the dramatic history of alien visits to Russia, discussing, in part, the history of Russian ufology, main cases including the Dalnegorsk 1986 case, military encounters, and Soviet government-sanctioned scientific military UFO research (SETKA). This presentation will also discuss Russian military research of UFOs and USOs (unidentified submersible objects), strange discoveries, and uncanny cases.

Paul Stonehill was born in Kiev, USSR (Ukraine). Paul researched the Soviet UFO phenomenon and its history since early youth. Today he is an American and international author, lecturer, consultant, broadcaster, and free-lance journalist whose areas of interest and published work include: UFOs and USOs, Soviet space exploration, Eurasian paranormal phenomena, and mysteries of Russian history. He has also appeared on various television and radio programs including Ancient Aliens and Coast to Coast. His latest book, coauthored with Philip Mantle, is Russia’s Roswell Incident.

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