Nick Pope Presents Royal Society Meetings on Alien Life

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Nick Pope - Royal Society Meetings on Alien Life -

In 2010, the Royal Society held two discussion meetings on extraterrestrial life. The first meeting considered some of the societal consequences of discovering alien life, addressing issues such as whether people would panic and what the implications might be for religious belief. The second meeting debated whether—if an alien signal was detected—we should reply and if we do, what we should say, and who should send the message. In his presentation, Nick Pope will give us the inside story of these fascinating and controversial discussions.

Nick Pope was Britain’s Fox Mulder. He ran the Ministry of Defence’s UFO desk, investigating UFO sightings. Although he was skeptical at first, he soon found this to be a real and alarming phenomenon. Today he writes as a freelance defense journalist and lectures on UFOs. He was a consultant to the UK’s National Archives during their recent release of UFO files.