Stan Romanek Presents The Stan Romanek Story

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Stan Romanek - The Stan Romanek Story -

Stan Romanek claims to have been abducted more than any other American in history, and he has the evidence to prove it! Some of his paranormal experiences have been witnessed by others, and/or caught on camera, including the video of what appears to be an alien looking into his window. Come listen as Romanek provides the chilling details of his truly unique life experiences with extraterrestrial beings, UFOs, and the government.

Stan Romanek was born in Colorado in the early 1960s. He is the youngest of four and was born into an Air Force family migrating to and from various military bases throughout the Midwest and Western United States through 1972. Now married, Stan has a daughter, and lives with his wife, two stepdaughters and a stepson in a peaceful midsized community in Colorado. Even though Stan grew up with severe dyslexia, making school a challenge, his high IQ and artistic abilities made up for his scholastic inabilities. Now he is the bestselling author of Messages and is currently writing his second book.

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