Richard Hoover presents Is Life Restricted to Planet Earth - Or is Life More Widely Distributed Throughout the Universe?

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Richard Hoover's 2014 International UFO Congress presentation:

Is Life Restricted to Planet Earth - Or is Life More Widely Distributed Throughout the Universe?

In his presentation, Richard Hoover will analyze the fundamental questions of astrobiology. Valid evidence for living or fossil organisms elsewhere in the solar system would establish existence of extraterrestrial life and provide a positive answer to this profoundly important question of whether life is restricted to planet Earth. This presentation will describe evidence for present day water, complex organic molecules, and fossilized and living organisms detected on the Red Planet obtained by ESA Missions and the NASA Viking, Phoenix, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity Orbiters, Landers, and Rovers. Astonishing images of a complex form with detailed morphological characteristics of known species of a fossil crinoid was found on Mars in 2004 by the NASA Opportunity Rover will be presented and discussed, as well as evidence for biomolecules and microfossils in a variety of
carbonaceous meteorites.

Richard B. Hoover established the Astrobiology Research Group at the NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center in 1998. He is currently an astrobiologist at Athens State University and visiting research professor with the Centre for Astrobiology at the University of Buckingham in the UK. Hoover joined the NASA/MSFC in 1966. Hoover was selected NASA Inventor of the Year in 1992 for the invention of the Water Window Imaging X-Ray Microscope. Since 1997, his astrobiology research at NASA/MSFC has concentrated on microorganisms that live in extreme environments and the search for evidence of microfossils in ancient rocks and carbonaceous meteorites. Hoover was Science Team Lead for the Antarctica 2000 Expedition—this expedition recovered 20 meteorites that are currently housed in the Field Museum in Chicago. Hoover has authored/edited 40 books and over 300 scientific papers on X-Ray/EUV optics, diatoms, microbial extremophiles, meteorites, and astrobiology. In 2013, he led scientific teams to North Central Sri Lanka and Russia to collected samples of meteorites from recent falls and he is currently conducting FESEM studies of those stones.


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