Rob Simone presents UFOs in the Headlines: Real Reporting on a Real Phenomenon

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Rob Simone's 2014 International UFO Congress presentation:

UFOs in the Headlines: Real Reporting on a Real Phenomenon

The history of the E.T. presence from a purely journalistic perspective. Lost until now, the hard-hitting headlines and video from the mainstream press from the 1950′s onward, of the biggest and most compelling UFO/E.T news stories ever published. This includes new revelations of the 1952 Washington D.C. events, a dramatic UFO encounter during N.A.T.O’s Operation Mainbrace and public statements made about UFOs by Author C. Clarke, the Duke of Edinburgh and U.S. Air Force stating: “Some UFOs, not from this Earth.”

Rob Simone is an award-winning media personality, TV host, author and for the last 3 years, guest host the nationally syndicated talk show, Coast to Coast AM – heard on over 560 radio stations across the U.S. Rob is a featured contributor to FATE Magazine and has appeared, co-produced and consulted on reality TV and documentaries for NBC Universal, the History Channel, National Geographic, Nippon TV, Japan and Discovery Networks. For the past 10 years, Rob hosts and produces the “Rob Simone Talk Show” on 104.4 FM in London, UK & on-line syndicated networks. This weekly show features authors, filmmakers and other fascinating guests on topics of science, consciousness, new-thought and the unexplained. Rob’s London show is the longest running alternative information talk show in the UK. Rob’s insights have sparked national conversations about current events, the nature of reality and the growing field of conscious media. Rob Simone has authored 2 books, is a featured writer for national magazines, and was recently included in FATE Magazine’s “Top 100 Ufologists” list, along with Dan Aykroyd and Steven Spielberg. Rob has been featured in UFO Magazine, Japan’s NIPPON TV, China’s CCTV, Coast to Coast AM and the History Channel program “Decoding The Past.” Rob has recently been featured in Destination America’s “Unsealed Files” and the Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum.” Rob’s recent documentaries include “A Star is Drawn, Rob Simone’s Look inside ComicCon” and “Big Island, Big Mystery, the Mysteries of Hawaii”


In the late 1990′s, Rob earned a para-legal legal degree and began working for the civil activist organization C.A.U.S., Citizens Against UFO Secrecy. C.A.U.S. was the first organization to use the legal system to bring lawsuits against the Dept. of Defense and the Air Force to expose the government’s secrecy and cover up of the UFO phenomenon. Collecting affidavits, eye-witness testimony and photographic/video evidence for motions and trial, Rob Simone became the world’s first “paranormal paralegal” One of these lawsuits was appealed all the way to the Supreme Court and is still used today as a legal precedent. Later, Rob traveled through 27 countries exploring mysterious and sacred places and the un-explained phenomenon that surrounds them. Rob hosted his first show in Australia for one year, then on HBC 94 FM, Kathmandu, Nepal, then starting in 2002 on 104.4 FM London. Rob lectures at conferences across the country about his book and topics including “Ufology is the Real Science Fiction”, “The Aboriginals of Australia and the Ancient Alien Connection”, “UFOLOGY 101″, “International Ufology, a Global perspective to a Galactic Phenomenon”