RYAN SPRAGUE - UFOs v.s. UFOlogy: The Convergence of Experience & Study

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2017 International UFO Congress Lecture

Lecture: UFOs v.s. UFOlogy: The Convergence of Experience & Study

For nearly seven decades, we have attempted to establish a viable approach to studying the UFO phenomenon. Yet, whether through the lens of science, philosophy, religion, psychology, or history, it can be argued that few concrete determinations about the true source and purpose of UFOs have emerged. Sprague theorizes that by observing trends present in case reports of the phenomena and assessing their implications, perhaps some data can be gleaned.

Could the experience and aftermath of a reported UFO event actually shape the evolution of the phenomena? This lecture will be a personal journey through the hearts and minds of witnesses and experiencers, guiding us towards an entirely human approach to what many consider an alien phenomenon.

Bio: Ryan Sprague is a professional playwright & screenwriter in New York City. He is also an investigative journalist specializing in the topic of UFOs. He has written for numerous publications, including Open Minds Magazine, Phenomena Magazine UK and UFO Truth Magazine, and is a member of the Paranormal Braintrust for JimHarold.com. Speaking on the UFO topic, he has been featured on ABC News, Fox News, and The Science Channel. He is also the co-host for both the Into the Fray & UFOmodPOD podcasts. His first book, Somewhere in the Skies: A Human Approach to an Alien Phenomenon, is available via Richard Dolan Press. Ryan is also working on a stage play about the 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident. It’s companion film, ‘In a Forest’, is also in development with THIRD KIND Productions.

Website: www.somewhereintheskies.com