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The complete 2018 International UFO Congress DVD set - 22 DVDs

Set features these DVDs:

  • LUIS ELIZONDO - Insights from investigating unidentified threats for the U.S. Department of Defense
  • LINDA MOULTON HOWE - Military Whistleblower Revelations About UFOs and An Alien Presence
  • STEPHEN BASSETT - Lecture: Undisclosed – 2018
  • DR. WILLIAM BIRNES - Presidents and UFOs
  • REV. MICHAEL J. CARTER - The Spiritual Transformation of The Experiencer
  • DONALD R. SCHMITT - Did J. Allen Hynek Know the Truth About UFOs?
  • T.L. KELLER - Spacecraft Carriers – Extraterrestrial or Terrestrial?
  • CHERYL COSTA - UFO National Statistics and Trends
  • DEAN ALIOTO - The True Story Behind A Famous Alien Abduction Found Footage Conspiracy
  • SUZY HANSEN - Alien Technology – The ‘New Physics’ of Consciousness and Intelligent Light
  • BRYCE ZABEL - Fear and Loathing on the Trail of the Saucers
  • ROBBIE GRAHAM - Searching for Truth in All the Wrong Places
  • SUSAN J. PALMER, MS - When Contactees found “Cults”…The Case of Raël and Prophets of UFO Religions
  • DR. BOB GROSS - Closing the Kecksburg Case Opened Another Mystery: Results of Recent Research
  • NANCY DU TERTRE - Remote Viewing the Extraterrestrials
  • TRAVIS WALTON - Panel: Travis Walton, Former Officer Chuck Ellison and Don Walton – In Their Own Words
  • ALLIS DRUFFEL - Notable UFO Cases and Investigators: Highlights and Lessons for the Future
  • HAKTAN AKDOGAN - UFO Investigations from Turkey
  • ALAN HOLT - “Visitors” and Humanity’s Future as an Interstellar Species
  • JENNIFER STEIN - U.S. Crop Circles – The Evidence, Research and Theories
  • Panel: UFOs and the Entertainment Industry – Panelists: Bryce Zabel, Dean Alioto, Robbie Graham and William Birnes. Moderated by Alejandro Rojas.
  • Panel: Extraterrestrial Experiences – Panelists: Suzy Hansen, Nancy du Tertre and Reverend Michael Carter. Moderated by Yvonne Smith.
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