2019 International UFO Congress Box Set (US Customers)

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The complete 2019 International UFO Congress DVD set - 22 DVDs

Set features these DVDs:

  • Ben Hansen (2019 DVD) - Investigating UFOs and the Supernatural: Hi-Tech Detecting and Documenting
  • Calvin Parker (2019 DVD) - The Pascagoula UFO Incident
  • Caroline Cory (2019 DVD) - Retrace Your Past Lives and Extraterrestrial Incarnations
  • Charlette Mann (2019 DVD) - 1941 Alien Encounter in Cape Girardeau
  • Chase Kloetzke (2019 DVD) - The UFO Game Changers
  • Christopher O’Brien (2019 DVD) - UFODAP – Monitoring UFO Hot Spots in Real-Time
  • Chuck Zukowski (2019 DVD) - Alien Highway – What I’ve Learned
  • David Hatcher Childress (2019 DVD) - Ancient Aliens, Megaliths, Tesla, the Moon and Mars
  • Debbie Jordan-Kauble (2019 DVD) - Intruders – 36 Years and Counting
  • Dr. Michael P. Masters (2019 DVD) - Could “aliens” simply be us, but from the future?
  • George Knapp (2019 DVD) - AATIP: Past, Present and Future
  • James Fox (2019 DVD) - Behind the Scenes of My New UFO Documentary: The Phenomenon
  • Kevin Day (2019 DVD) - Q and A with former Navy radar Operator Kevin Day
  • Lisa Tenney (2019 DVD) - Unusual Encounters: How to heal and navigate through paranormal experiences
  • Marc D’Antonio (2019 DVD) - Entering a New Science: When the Unexplained Faces Off Against What We Think We Know
  • Panel (2019 DVD): Mainstream Attitudes Towards UFOs: Are UFOs now being taken seriously?
  • Panel (2019 DVD): UFO/Alien Contact Experiencers
  • Panel (2019 DVD): UFO/Alien Filmmakers Discuss Their Projects and Experiences
  • Paul Hynek (2019 DVD) - History’s Project Blue Book and the Real Hynek Family
  • Richard Dolan (2019 DVD) - 2019 Disclosure Update: Metamaterials and the Secret Science of UFOs
  • Sonia Barrett (2019 DVD) - Exploring the Technology of Mind, Consciousness, & Our DNA Reality Codes
  • Terry Lovelace (2019 DVD) - Incident at Devils Den, a true story by Terry Lovelace, Esq.
  • Tracey Garbutt (2019 DVD) - The Final Frontier is in Here: Remote Viewing, ET, and Beyond
  • Tui Snider (2019 DVD) - The Great Texas Airship Mystery of 1897 – How did the Public React?

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    2019 UFO congress DVD set of the conference

    Posted by Richard Harper on Jan 16th 2020

    I recently purchased the 2019 DVD set of the UFO congress. I cannot be more happy with all of the presentations. I truly wish I could be there but traveling is not in my future. And if you can't be there in person, these are next best. I have watched them with friends who otherwise would not have seen them and they are overwhelmed by the speakers. Truly want to thank the person(s) who put this product together. I know that it represents a lot of time an effort. Thanks so much! God willing: I hope to see future congress DVDs.

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