ABDUCTION Eau de parfum 2ml sample

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What does a close encounter smell like?

Abduction eau de parfum is rooted in an experimental scent collaboration between visual artist Joe Merrell and Saskia Wilson-Brown, founder of the Institute for Art and Olfaction, for Merrell's 2016 installation The Eyes Are Always There at Machine Project gallery in Los Angeles. This first version of a fragrance inspired by what people report smelling during close encounters was made for the gallery space itself and was one of four scents that provided an olfactory compliment to the show's visuals.


In 2018, Merrell and perfumer Christopher Gordon revisited the research for the original project to create a carefully constructed unisex eau de parfum.  Striking and mysterious, Abduction references both technology and biology: metallic and ozone top notes transition into a heart and base comprised of a subtle blending of rich spic, wood, organic and earthy materials.


More than a unique perfume, Abduction is an exploration of an oft-overlooked aspect of close encounter phenomena. For more information on the project and the research behind it: www.eyesarealwaysthere.com