Allis Druffel - Notable UFO Cases and Investigators: Highlights and Lessons for the Future

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2018 IUFOC Lecture: Notable UFO Cases and Investigators: Highlights and Lessons for the Future

Allis is honored to speak on her mother’s behalf about some of Ann Druffel’s most notable UFO cases. She will also present her own ideas on what UFO researchers have taught us about maintaining scientific integrity in global challenges facing humanity now.

Bio: Allis Druffel, daughter of famed UFO researcher and author, Ann Druffel, is an environmental advocate and classical singer. Since 2009, Ms. Druffel has served as Southern California Outreach Director for California Interfaith Power and Light, an organization that works with houses of worship on renewable energy, energy efficiency and policy advocacy. Prior to this, she served as Director of Community Services at Holy Family Catholic Church in South Pasadena, where she gave many presentations on the intimate connection between the climate crisis and other major social issues, such as food insecurity, resource conflicts, immigration and human trafficking. Her main priority is helping to create a massive, global transformation to renewable energy sources. As a classical singer, she is director of music at a local church, and often uses the art of song for environmental education. She holds a Master of Pastoral Ministries from Santa Clara University and a Master of Vocal Performance from the University of Maryland, College Park.