George Knapp (2019 DVD) - AATIP: Past, Present and Future

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Lecture: AATIP: Past, Present and Future

In this presentation, investigative reporter George Knapp – joined by his colleague Jeremy Corbell – will present information about the misunderstood origins and development of the recent Pentagon acknowledged UFO programs – both AATIP and its host program AAWSAP. How they began – what their focus was – and how they interacted. They will also explore the Nimitz “Tic Tac” encounter, as reported by key witness Cmdr. David Fravor, and why that case played a critical role in changing the perception of UFO phenomena in Congress and the news media. Contrary to Pentagon statements, the Department of Defense program on UFOs did not end in 2012. It is ongoing. This presentation will reveal what efforts are underway behind the scenes to study and understand the phenomena, based on high level, up-to-the-minute contacts with key investigators, contractors, and military officials.

Bio: George Knapp is the chief investigative reporter for KLAS TV, where he has earned the highest honors in broadcast journalism, including the Peabody Award (twice), the Dupont Award from Columbia University, and 28 regional Emmy’s. George is a weekend host of Coast to Coast AM, broadcast live on 550 radio stations throughout North America. He has also worked as a news anchor, newspaper columnist, and has taught debate and journalism at several universities. His 1990 multi-part series “UFOs: The Best Evidence” was cited by United Press International as Best Individual Achievement by a Journalist. He is co-author of “Hunt for the Skinwalker”, a non-fiction book about the scientific investigation of a UFO/paranormal hotspot in Utah.


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