Gold Wellness Pendant - Flow

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Genuine 18k Gold Electroplate

Model B - Flow: 1 germanium and 2 north-pointed magnets (back).
Helps with inspiration, meditation, contemplation, unconditional love, and DNA activation.

A Phenomenon in the making!!!! Can it really be?
A pendant that actually makes people feel better!
A pendant that flies off the shelves of stores!
A product with an advanced technology from Asia, which multi-millions of Asians are wearing and finally, someone is making it available in the U.S.! 

How Do They Work?
Here's the technology behind the Wellness Pendants. They are put into chambers, and inundated with certain specific frequencies which resonate with the biofield of the body. When they are removed from the chamber, the molecules of the pendant retain the frequency, so as it's brought in proximity to the body, it resonates and creates balance.

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