Haktan Akdogan - UFO Investigations from Turkey

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2018 IUFOC Lecture: UFO Investigations from Turkey

In this lecture, Haktan will cover the latest UFO sightings and close encounters by civilians, pilots and military personnel, including many high ranked Generals in Turkey. These sightings include many incredible UFO videos and photos. Haktan will also cover the abduction phenomenon in Turkey, disclosure of the Ufo Reality and the importance of “World UFO Disclosure” for the future of our planet and humanity as we move into mega Earth changes.

Bio: Haktan Akdogan is the founder and chairman of the Sirius UFO Space Sciences and Research Center (founded 1995) in Turkey. He has studied UFOs for the past 32 years and has produced and hosted 52 episodes of a weekly documentary TV Program on UFOs named “UFO Reality” which was shown on 3 different national TV channels in Turkey. He also teaches a course on Ufology/Exopolitics at “Akdeniz University (Antalya/Turkey)” which is among the top public universities in Turkey. He is the founder of the First International UFO Museum of Europe, Balkans and Middle-East which has opened in Istanbul, Turkey on January 17, 2002. He is the creator of “World UFO Day” which suggests making peaceful demonstrations and events worldwide on every 2nd of July to increase public awareness about this important phenomenon as well as to demand world governments to tell the people of the Earth “The Truth!”

He is also founder of the “World UFO Disclosure Campaign.”  This is a non-profit worldwide campaign whose primary aim is to have the U.N General Assembly hold open and secrecy free hearings on the UFO/E.T. presence on Earth. Through the Campaign we intend to collect the signatures of millions of enthusiasts, believers and activists in Ufology around the world, all asking in one single voice that the governments of the Nations stop their policy of secrecy over UFO’s/E.T’s and disclose the truth.

In order to inform the public on UFO reality, Mr. Haktan Akdogan participated in more than 685 national and international TV and news programs worldwide as a guest speaker, and published numerous articles and gave many interviews both on TV, radio and national and international newspapers.

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