Jennifer Stein - U.S. Crop Circles – The Evidence, Research and Theories

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2018 IUFOC Lecture: U.S. Crop Circles – The Evidence, Research and Theories

Jennifer’s presentation will focus on crop circles in the United States with an in-depth look at repeating characteristics. She will review the peer-reviewed literature, lab research, and current theories from internationally known researchers, tracing the history and relationship of crop circles to ancient sites.

Jennifer will also report on first-hand observations from the field. Finally, she will suggest different energy forces that could help create these odd effects on the earth — not just in crops but other mediums as well.

Bio: Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science in textiles from the University of Arizona. She is a business owner, artist, self taught award-winning filmmaker, activist, and researcher.  She is a state section director for the Pennsylvania chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and the founder of Main Line MUFON, a Philadelphia area group providing monthly educational programming on topics pertinent to MUFON and Noetic Sciences. Jennifer is the host of a weekly public access television program, Main Line MUFON at Radnor Studio Chanel 21.

Jennifer’s interest in Crop Circles began 30 years ago while researching ancient archaeological sights, and ancient mound structures.  She began traveling into English crop circles in the late 90’s and became hooked,  wanting to uncover the mysteries surrounding this phenomena. Her research continues today with visits into formations and randomly downed crop in England, the United States and Canada.  Jennifer is a member of the ICCRA (International Crop circle researchers Association), has lectured extensively on crop circles around England, France, Canada, and across the US, and appeared on CN8 – Philadelphia  and Richard Strayves Canadian television programs on Crop Circles.

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