Lisa Tenney (2019 DVD) - Unusual Encounters: How to heal and navigate through paranormal experiences

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Lecture: Unusual Encounters: How to heal and navigate through paranormal experiences

Lisa will be discussing some of her unusual lifelong experiences with the focus on how to stay mentally and emotionally healthy throughout.

Lisa shares her story with the hopes that it might benefit those who are experiencing phenomena outside the realm of what’s considered “normal”.

How does one navigate through such experiences and still live a healthy functional life?

Lisa has seen UFO craft and had regular visitations since she was a child, this along with other unusual experiences has been a driving force in her search for answers in mental health (both traditional & non traditional therapies) in addition to other various alternative healing modalities.

Lisa has taken what she’s learned and created a Private Practice in order to assist others looking for answers as well. Her clients range from the curious to the more serious in self growth and esotericism.

Bio: Lisa is a lifelong experiencer of a variety of phenomena. Through her desire to understand these experiences, she has become proficient in several modalities which assist others in navigating their own unique journey.

Lisa’s primary goal is to facilitate clarity and healing. Lisa assists her client’s personal growth by accessing their inner authority for deeper personal meaning of their experiences.

Lisa is a student of the esoteric and has specifically focused on the arts of energy medicine, meditation, Jungian psychology, shamanism, life coaching, hypnotherapy, and astrology to name a few; and is a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute Teachings.

Lisa has a private practice in Boise, Idaho where she collaborates with mental health professionals, energy workers, and a variety of holistic practitioners.


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