Nancy du Tertre - Remote Viewing the Extraterrestrials

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2018 IUFOC Lecture: Remote Viewing the Extraterrestrials

Remote viewing was first developed in the early 1970’s as a type of psychic spying funded by the CIA and U.S. military in order to keep pace with similar developments in the Soviet Union.  It involves a strict methodology with protocols to structure clairvoyance and psychic sensing abilities.  Remote viewing has been increasingly used to view alien activities and alien structures on other planets.  This presentation will examine the results of some of these sessions with updated data on these viewings, and discuss other possible uses for remote viewing and clairvoyance including analysis of abduction scenarios, studying alien spacecraft technology, and alien communication techniques.  The presenter, Nancy du Tertre, known as “The Skeptical Psychic,” is an attorney and linguist, trained in several languages, a trained psychic detective, paranormal investigator, medical intuitive, a UFO “experiencer,” and former CBS radio show host.  She is trained in military-style advanced remote viewing techniques in Controlled Remote Viewing, Associative Remote Viewing and Extended Remote Viewing.  Nancy has also developed a brand new type of RV called “TSP” which she has used for clients interested in alien abduction scenarios.  Nancy is the author of several books including “How to Talk to an Alien” (2015) and “Psychic Intuition: Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid to Know” (2012).

Bio: Nancy du Tertre is known as The Skeptical Psychic™ and is an attorney, specialized in securities litigation, and former CBS radio show host.  Nancy is a trained psychic detective, psychic medium, medical intuitive, paranormal investigator, and trained in several advanced military-style remote viewing (psychic spying) techniques.   Nancy has also created a brand new type of remote viewing called “TSP” which incorporates psychic reading techniques and remote viewing protocols.   She is also certified for 20 years in Intuitive Gestalt Psychotherapy techniques.  Nancy is a linguist, trained in French, German and Thai languages, and also a specialist in alien languages, both written and spoken.  She has published five books, including “How to Talk to an Alien” (2015), explaining alien languages in terms of comparative linguistics, and “Psychic Intuition: Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid to Know” (2012), explaining psychic ability in terms of neuroscience, psychology and linguistics.  She is the former host and creator of the CBS radio show “Hot Leads Cold Cases,” a former weekly guest on KAHI news radio delivering predictions in current affairs, and has appeared on hundreds of internet and broadcast radio shows (including five times on Coast-to-Coast AM), and TV.  Nancy has also lectured on topics including psychic intuition, psychic detective work, alien languages, remote viewing, mediumship (also topics on French porcelain, New York health policy and U.S. securities laws) at universities and conferences.  Nancy is an experiencer as well as a researcher.

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