Open Minds UFO Magazine #7 - April / May 2011

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Open Minds Magazine Issue 7 - April / May 2011


Cover Story: UFO/Nuclear Connection


Inside This Issue:


The Shift - By Ryan Sprague

Recent UFO sightings in New York have residents in the Big Apple thinking about the UFO/extraterrestrial reality.

The Biggest Military Hack of All Time - By Alejandro Rojas

Londoner Gary McKinnnon decided to take matters into his own hands and expose the U.S. UFO cover-up.

The Mauricio Ruiz Story - By J. Antonio Huneeus

The story behind extraordinary UFO video footage captured by a retired corrections officer in Alvin, Texas in 2008.

The UFO-Nukes-Connection Press Conference - By Robert Hastings

A press conference was held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC where U.S. Air force veterans discussed dramatic UFO experiences at nuclear weapons sites.

The Fascist UFO Files - By Umberto Visani

Did the Italian government cover up UFO information? A look at the shocking evidence.

The Sergeant Moody Case - By J. Antonio Huneeus

U.S. Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody was allegedly abducted in 1975. A look back at this classic and forgotten abduction case.

Monitoring Ground-Zero in the San Luis Valley - By Christopher O'Brien

An overview of this UFO hotspot by one of its residents.

Exonerating the Chinese Lantern - By Jason McClellan

A basic analysis of one of the most common explanations for recent UFO sightings.

The hon. Paul Hellyer Attempts to Save the World - By Alejandro Rojas

Fearing that society is headed down a dangerous path, Canada's ex-minister of defence believes extraterrestrial technology and wisdom is the key to our survival.

Ben Rich and Skunk Works - By Michael Schratt

An examination of a number of fully authenticated bombshell statements made by Ben Rich, a former director of Lockheed Martin's Advanced Development Programs, also known as Skunk Works.

Alien Implants - By Dr. Roger Leir

Can we now tell where our alien visitors are coming from?




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