Open Minds UFO Magazine - June / July 2011

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Open Minds Magazine Issue 8 - June / July 2011


Cover Story: A Survivor at Roswell


Inside This Issue:


Roswell UFO Crash - Timeline of Events - By Alejandro Rojas

Chronology of the famous incident during the crucial week of July 3-9, 1947.

My Reflections on: How Roswell Began - By Stanton Friedman

The dean of Roswell research, nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, explains how he became involved in the reopening of the famous incident over thirty years ago.

We Are Not Alone - A Conversation with Dr. Edgar Mitchell - By Ellen Mahoney

Apollo 14 astronaut reminisces about his trip to the Moon, the importance of UFOs and his youth in Roswell, New Mexico.

2011 International UFO Congress Recap - By Jason McClellan

Photos and brief summary of the great symposium at Fort McDowell last February.

Close Encounters of the Ambiguous Kind - By Bradford Evans

Exploring the psychological and philosophical implications of the alien abduction experience.

Quo Vadis? - By John B. Alexander, Ph.D

Epilogue of Col. John Alexander's important new book, UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities.

A Survivor at Roswell - By Donald Schmitt

One of Roswell's top investigators uncovers eyewitness evidence regarding the fate of the alien occupants of the 1947 New Mexico UFO crash.

Did a Texas Reporter Photograph Alien Debris? - By Major George Filer

An inside account and analysis of Gen. Ramey's famous press conference of July 8, 1947 in Fort Worth, Texas, where the Roswell debris was officially explained as a weather balloon.

Historical UFO Crashes in the United States - By Alejandro Rojas

Three well known alleged UFO crash incidents in the U.S.: Aurora, Texas in 1897; Aztec, New Mexico in 1948; and Kecksburg, Pennslyvania in 1965.

3 International UFO Crashes - By J. Antonio Huneeus

Three puzzling foreign UFO crashes in Shag Harbour, Canada in 1967. Tarija, Bolivia in 1978, and Dalnegorsk, Russia in 1986, which are partially backed by official documentation.

Aliens in  the Streets: The McMinnville, Oregon UFO Festival - By Ron Stevenson

It all began in 1950 with a couple of famous UFO photographs, celebrated since 1999 with a May UFO Festival in this Oregon town.

UFOs in Pop Culture - Roswell - By Jason McClellan

How the New Mexico UFO crash story became a world-wide cultureal sensation.



In the News

Our editors gather the most important UFO news around the globe.

Your Skies With Dr. Sky

The latest astronomical news and how some celestial objects vcan sometimes be misidentified as UFOs.

Researcher Profile

Profiles on people who have had an important impact on UFO research. In this issue we hightlight: Leonard Stringfield

Eye on the Investigator

The most accomplished and celebrated researchers within the international UFO community are recognized. In this issue we highlight: Donald Schmitt.

Unacknowledged Aviation: The Hunt for the North Sea Aurora

M. Schratt provides evidence for the existence of highly advanced, classified aircraft that have been developed by the U.S. government.

Photo Gallery

Open Minds shares some of the most compelling UFO sightings of all time from our private archives.

Under Review

Reviews of the latest movies, television shows, documentaries, and books inspired by the UFO world.

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