T.L. Keller - Lecture: Spacecraft Carriers – Extraterrestrial or Terrestrial?

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2018 IUFOC Lecture: Spacecraft Carriers – Extraterrestrial or Terrestrial?

T. L. Keller will be a presenting the recent history of reports of very large, cigar-shaped spacecraft in the skies and on-orbit around Earth. Are these extraterrestrial in origin or are they man-made spacecraft? The reasons why and how there is a real presence, and, consequently, the existence of secret space fleets will be discussed. Through a logical progression of factual, first-hand experiences, the presenter will establish the reality of a fleet of spacecraft carriers now in operation. Are they ours or are they theirs?

A proposed construction methodology of the spacecraft described by Gary McKinnon and Corey Goode will also be presented. Those industries capable of such a manufacturing process will be covered and explained in some detail, followed by a hypothesis by the author.

Bio: Mr. Keller is an aerospace engineer and graduate of engineering, University of California at Los Angeles.

Mr. Keller was a computer systems analyst at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. He developed the computer system for the management of resources for JPL’s interplanetary exploration projects. He also worked for L-3 Corporation and British Aerospace.

His experience in the aerospace industry led to the development of Space Max: Space Station Construction Simulator, and entertainment and educational software product. He is author of The Total Novice’s Guide to UFOs and The Total Novice’s Guide to the Secret Space Program.