Stanton Friedman presents A New Look at the Cosmos

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Stanton Friedman presents A New Look at the Cosmos - 2013 International UFO Congress DVD

For over 40 years, nuclear physicist and author Stanton Friedman has been lecturing about flying saucers worldwide. In his presentation, Friedman opines that we have learned a great deal about space and the planets; however certain influential groups choose to ignore the technological information which sheds new light on interstellar travel. Friedman will explore the evidence and address how the debunking community fails to consider the feasibility of this travel because once one knows about nuclear fusion, nearby planetary systems become in reach.

Stanton Friedman is the original civilian investigator of the Roswell incident, retrieving this startling event from obscurity and making it a household name. He studied physics at the University of Chicago and worked as a nuclear physicist on Research and Development projects for several large companies.

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